Terms of use

«ADBCH» - a site on the Internet that provides Users with the opportunity to place orders for the execution of work and / or accept the indicated orders for execution on the terms determined by agreement between the Customer and the Contractor, under the terms of this user agreement.
«Bitcoin Cash» - a payment system using the same unit of account and the same data transfer protocol.
«Account» - an identification record assigned to each user, containing information about the User, payment details, statistics, balance of funds and other data.
«User» - a person who has accepted this public offer by registering on the ADBCH Website.
«Advertiser» (Customer) - A user who places an order using the ADBCH Website.
«Contractor» - the User fulfilling the order or part of it placed by the Advertiser on the Site.
«Referral» - a User invited by another User to the Site using a unique referral link.
«Referrer» - a User who invited other Users to the Site using a unique referral link.
«Authorization» - gaining access to an account by entering identification data (email and password) on the ADBCH.TOP website.
«Ban» - blocking the User’s account excluding the possibility of authentication and authorization and any actions of the User through his account.

By registering on this site, you accept the terms of this license agreement.
ADBCH service does not guarantee anything and is not responsible for possible (real or imaginary) losses associated with the use of this site.

The site presents 2 internal accounts of the User, advertising balance and balance. All remuneration of the Contractor for the performance of tasks and other actions are credited to the balance, the funds from which the User can withdraw to his wallets in the payment systems presented on the site. The advertising balance is used to order services, it is impossible to withdraw funds from it.
The advertising balance is replenished automatically using the appropriate payment system tools (Blockchain API). As soon as the Project receives a payment notification from the payment system, the advertising balance is instantly replenished.
Withdrawals from the main balance can be carried out both automatically (instantly), and with verification (up to 3 business days). The user can withdraw any amount of funds available on the main balance, the minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.002 BCH on a Bitcoin Cash wallet.
The project is not a representative of either the Advertisers publishing their orders on the Site, or the Contractors fulfilling these orders (in whole or in part), therefore, cannot be responsible for any financial obligations arising between the two. Any agreements between Advertisers and Contractors using the Site are bilateral, and the Project has no relation to them.
The user is solely responsible for paying any taxes, fees, obligatory payments that may arise and be applicable in connection with receiving any payments from the Project, in accordance with the legislation of the country of which he is a resident.

Advertising with acceptable but potentially objectionable content may be appropriately labeled, dangerous or illegal advertising is blocked.
At any time, any advertisement may be blocked. Campaign unspent money can be returned, but this is not guaranteed.
If the rules are not followed, any user can be blocked without explanation and without the possibility of a refund.

ADBCH receives a commission of 15% of the difference between the amount paid by advertisers and received by Users.
Users do not pay commissions when withdrawing funds from the site.

User data and statistics are considered public

You must be at least 18 years old to register on the site.
You must provide a valid email address when registering.
One User cannot create more than one account on the same or different computers / IP (including, it is forbidden to log into different accounts from the same device). If these rules are not followed, block all accounts without the possibility of a refund.
The administration is not obliged to provide evidence of the reasons for the fine, blocking and deletion of the account.
The user cannot register using his own referral link.
Advertising of third-party resources and placement of referral links are prohibited in the chat.
Insulting the administration in the technical support of the site or chat leads to the suspension of the account.
Using temporary email services as an email address leads to automatic account deletion.
It is forbidden to place the referral link in invisible frames, etc., the window with the ADBCH site should be visible. If you violate this rule, the referral program will be blocked for you.

It is forbidden to use public or private proxies / VPNs to view ads.

All payments are non-refundable.

It is not allowed to use any programs or services that automate the process of viewing advertisements (autoclickers / autosurfers / automatic page updates / automatic reading of captcha, etc.). Users using scripts or programs receive a ban without the possibility of a refund.

This document (as well as any other documents of this site) is subject to change at any time without prior notice.